Why I Can’t Have Anything Nice

I bought a new couch
But dysfunction reigns supreme
I miss the garbage


Pseudocode stage

The same machinations
but you hacked yourself not to comply
Still childishly craving distance through sexualization
you rewired your adult conscience to override

But all this new code doesnt change the power of one good look or a shaking hand or a wry smile

A strong hug makes the system default


Zeros and ones baby
That’s all we flesh machines have got

A Different Kind of Tension

Single thought on blast:
“Oh my GOD I’m so horny.”
Who can I share that with?
It’s not like:
“I need chocolate”
Someone’s always got a stash

I miss having a partner in crime
Someone to tell this most private sensation
Someone who might get a rise
Want to help
Might offer to mix fluids with mine

I have so much energy in this realm
More than most
Even at this age
I have more and more
Sad that it sits inside me, unused
Seems like such a shame

I can blame hormones
I’m a cyclical organism afterall
It might pass in a few hours
But for now its brutal
And I’m at a workplace
Infected with lust
and alone