Sober or Dry?

Sober or Dry?

Drier than you
I’m not drinking the fruites de l’amour
All this recovery gots me clean as a whistle
on my way to unmarriaging
I’m made of paper and busy dust particles

worker woman me hurts her feet on the train
wandering eyes lead out windows to the next stops
Even my fantasies don’t stick
So I walk more
even when my heart pauses
for a little coincidental work-related fervor
it beats on
because I just want to get home and
get my
sleep on

a year older and wiser
I told a dating site
no sexytime shenanigans
that’s been getting all the compliments for turns of phrase
It doesn’t feel like Prince Decent and Kind is playing the field in my age range this season
I’m considering early retirement in favor of consulting
…or straight up whoring?

Downstairs my next door neighbor is fucking
Because she’s been doing that since she moved here 3 and 4-lameass score years ago
The opposite continuum trajectory
I suppose I’m writing at least
Does this seem bleak?

I’m just levelling with you
It can get boring when there’s an absence of trauma
But I’m trying to keep it together right now so I look good commuting

Do me a favor
Toast me with a full glass of your favorite poison
Cheers to the ones that came and left
Cheers to the blanks to be filled in by the future
Cheers to staring into the desert
While waiting patiently(?) for the oasis to appear


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