I don’t know if I’m ready
I want to close the door
Keep walking
What is that something
That makes me want to wait?

Who knows
The way I hold on
I’m relentless
But I’m learning to relent
Maybe a surplus of anger
That I still haven’t spent

Invaded my goddamn city
I was born there(my premiere happened 46 years ago)
And now I feel like you upstaged me
With your pain and suffering
And smile and seemingly endless affairs

Writing this is merely spitting in the wind
There is no recompense
Just the gentle repeat banging of the head
I want it to end
I’m working fucking harder than I ever have
To make it end

Because I go forward
I won’t stay the same
I will hit those streets that I love
That you can never take
Because I was here first
And there first
And where you are first
I have been there

I will be ready
To walk
Keep walking


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