Car talk

I am not taking care of this machine
I am not maintenancing the engine
Barely keeping the body clean
So much rust
The frame is twisted underneath
The stress of a thousand collisions
And my chassis is weak
Don’t even ask about the interior
Cracks filled with dust
Smudges and chips on the mirrors
Radio is all static
Can’t go for long trips
I can’t sell me or trade me in
I’m old and funky
I’m one or two more crashes away from being junked

I need a bodyshopping
Scrub brushes and acid treatments
Some kind of mechanical savior
Replace my fuel lines and radiator
Throw away all this clutter
Hammer out the dents
Reinforce the strut
Coat and clean me
Install some new technology
Resurface and enhance my upholstery
Wait, gimme some racing stripes
Fuck it, I want double exhaust pipes
Give me a block of 8
Fuel inject my brain
Low profile wheels please
I like to hug everything I see
Oh wait and chrome and leather
And a fat spoiler (no mud flaps)
Moonroof and special sensors
16 speakers
I don’t know where to put them either
Doesn’t matter
I want you to hear me before you see me

Make me brand new
Because this me isn’t made for these surfaces

This me putt-putts
Spitting and spurting
Burning oil
Limping along
Thinking someone will put me out of my misery
But I can still run
I’m still running
I’m still running
Am I still running?


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