Death Grip

It’s nobody’s fault
But mine
You can’t help it
You lie
We’re just lonesome losers
In our own minds
While the ones we love
And desire
Burn us
Or follow blind

I just keep going

We’re so tortured
We’ve seen horrors
Been made to suffer
You wouldn’t believe
We walk this earth
We smile
We hold it down
We succeed
But it’s deceit
This is how we breathe

It’s all I know

And you got this far
So did I
We climbed despite the scars
We lay on beds of broken hearts
It’s nothing to walk out a door
To say goodbye
Our eyes are closed to
What it means to be alive

I wonder why I sleep alone

You need to run
I’m better off moving
Hurt can’t stick
If you never stop
So gun it
Go that way
And keep going
Distance and the fonder heart
And all that composite
Cliche exposition
Forgive me if I’m jaded
Missing the pain ain’t all that exquisite

I don’t know how much more I can hold

So easy to forget
The let downs
The hurtful or careless words
Thank you for that
may I have another
Because you store it in rage
In the sour grapes tales
I pour them from my mouth
Spill like fine liquor all over the place
Jacked up cynics
Are hard to tear apart

But then one day there’s no one
No fight
No sorry
No maybe
No neatly woven story
Nothing to grip
And claim
So no resurrection
No backwards flying Phoenix
Heading right back to the fire
Just blackness
The pain is ready to be spoken
It’s coming out my guts
It cant be placated or seduced anymore
One of us is going under

Can I give it up and let go?


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