Hearing Things

Get more poetic
Let the words flow
I’m desperate
The guiltiest harlot
Your words can save me
Even though I’m so far down now
I can touch the bottom with my toes

I thought there was no end
But I’m beyond it
At this point I’m psychotic
That mouth of yours
Causes insanity
In me
It’s just what i need
Who am I kidding
It’s the ONLY thing
Everything attached
is an accompaniment
To a kiss
That enslaves me

All the violence of erotic demands
From the law enforcer man
Isn’t enough to turn me out
Not away from that mouth
Because your tongue
Is golden
It’s a treasure

Every single second
In your presence
I would wager
I’ll forsake every attempt at decency
To be graced by your mediocre human skills
Because you’re a grade A fucking creature
That I briefly captured and held
That I’d track and hunt to my decrepit fancy

Lie with me again
Lie inside me
Make me believe I make you feel as wild and maniacal
This next time make it the biggest best beginning
Of this ridiculously diseased union
We have so much to give
You have it
Open up
And shove it
Into my ears

Say the things
All of them
Wound me so I can’t crawl away
Stop me from considering escape
Hold me with I Miss You
Take me with All I Need Is You And Time
Keep me with Just Like This You’re Mine
Make me wait for more
It’s so ugly what we’re going to do
And I’ll write like this
Until you do it
I’ll pretend I’m the poet
Because I want all this so much more than you


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