Séance, if only

When you fantasize about ghosts
They can do anything
Take your face in his hands
When he walks in the door
Press you against the wall
He’s hard against your body
And that’s all

It’s all you want
That mouth you can’t have
Those lips that opened
That gave you his tongue
That tasted like man
That you ache for

You can’t tell him
You can’t show him
Can’t get down on your knees before him
Feel the hair on his skin
Rough to your finger tips
You can’t hear him breathing
You can only


You can feel the rush of air as he steps into the room and pushes himself into you
How he’d stare and kiss you at the same time
How you’d take tiny pictures with your mind
Like his slightly bowed head
Lifting up with open mouth
To take your tongue
So goddamn gently
You’re wrapped around him
All covered up
And he thrusts so you can just feel the suggestion
You could come from
The motion
The deliberateness

Haunt yourself

That’s what you can do
To keep him
Summon him
Spirit of never
Not yours
But forever your desire
It goes on and on
He’s a deep ridge in the record you keep
This will skip a few more times than normal
That mouth
Possessed you
He was more than a ghost
A demon maybe
Not smart enough to be the devil
But so nasty
And that mouth made you forget
You’d have done anything for more
Girlfriends, wives, kids
Reputation, resolution, recovery
Who cares
A kiss like that is otherworldly
Your undoing
You’d do and say anything for more
Yes you would
If he’d just knock three times
Blow a candle out
Make his presence known
You’d do the rest

But really
He’s a ghost
Like so many
He isn’t there
He never was
Just a shiver
Shooting thrills up your spine
All you can do is tell the story
and hope they’ll believe you
You have nothing to show
Except the look on your face
And the ache








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