Fever for the flavor

His mouth is made of berry licorice
Gummy fruits
And sweet tarts
smart and juicy on my tongue

His voice like sweet syrup
Pouring in my ears
And to hear him whisper moan that
he wants me to taste him again
Pink hard all day
Oh my god
I have to hold it with
Two hands
So I can lick it
Just so

It’s too sweet and perfectly sinful
It’s so bad for me
It’ll go straight to my hips
And thighs
And inside
Where I’ve been waiting
Cultivating this wet hive
For just a little bee Like him
to come along
And spread
A seed
Feed me
More delicious sighs and
And again
When I say he doesn’t know what he’s Starting
He says
“Oh I think I do”

This candyman
Seems more than sweet to me
He seems like a demon
With a cherry-flavored tongue
Wonder if he knows
What an appetite I have
For sugar


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