Post Play

I smelled him on my hands
sitting in a meeting
I started to tingle and shake
I am moving dreamlike today

We slept next to eachother in opposite directions
The shock of strawberry blonde at my breast made me hallucinate that a man named Homme was sucking on my right nipple
In the wee small hours of a weeknight in suburbia
And that was almost too much to take
Sexual hysteria

I was a tangled ganglion
Firing and seizing
I was light and heat
I was there in that room with him
I felt him

Now sitting at my desk eating chocolates
Listening to music of my youth
Feeling like I’m eighteen and brazen
and I’m in high school again
And I can daydream and languish in my thoughts
While smarter people than me make the world spin
I’m juvenile
You won’t catch me caring
My neurons have been repurposed
I’m only here for the snacks and the salary
I’m just a wave of energy, baby

I’m not even here

I’m in a bedroom
Making noises
With a lover
I’m flesh and fluid
Diluted by nothing but time


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