the I’s have it

I can see the tease of nipple through your polo shirt
Fit young techno sport
From thousands of miles away on a video call
Who’d have thought a woman would notice such a thing?
I would
I do
I see you

And I see you
With that goatee and sad eyes and pouty lips
And I need to give you a kiss
So badly I had to fantasize about it
While my face was in another walled container
transmitting across an ocean into Putin’s next wish list territory
So bad that you’re 25 feet away and I’m listening for your voice
While I write this
With one finger
On a contraption made of metal and glass and maybe radiation

And I see you
Strawberry blonde with the microphone hand
How does your hard-on grow?
I’m dying to feel it between my legs
While you kiss me
Again and again
So when you say good morning from your mobile tease machine
Remember to send me a kissyface emoji-taunt
And make me want you even more than I do when I’m lying on my back
Having sologasms
Trying to see you
Make me sing

Oh will I ever
If I see you
Explorer and conqueror of pains
And trains and planes and autoerotic distortion
I will opera
All up in the high floors of some urban
Modern high floors of anonymous
Traveller limbo
Bending backwards to receive you
If we ever touch down on the same planet again
What a ceremony that will be
Notice must be paid

I see
I feel
One or two senses fire
Missing their brethren
Needing the stimulant
To synchronize
With oooohs and aaahs
That I can’t mimic alone
To smell and taste and hear
The oohs and ahhs of you
And you and you
And you

Instead I’ll make notes
And maybe a scheme or two
Put in my earbud sex noise
And pretend
You see me too


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