Loss for words

I ache and want to cry
It’s nothing you did
I’m just like this
I’m like this sometimes

That’s a lie
I’m like this a lot
Sometimes when you say things that hit me
When I know you’re out there
When I wonder

Why I’m like this
It’s a phase one day
Then another and I miss you
And you didn’t invite me
But it doesn’t matter
Because you’re somewhere

There’s your voice
I know you
Know why I’m like this?

Doesn’t matter

It happens all
The time
When there’s someone
I want to know
Like I want to know you
I felt like you knew me somehow
It’s actually true

I want to be there
And I want you to be there
Not to make eachother sad
But for shoulders and high fives
And sometimes your eyes
Mean something to me
I can never explain

You’re right there’s something
I wish I could just be your friend
It’s why I’m like this
I’ll always wish
and want you to laugh and say
I’m glad to know you
Like this


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