Be my BFFF

You know me
Like no one else
Not because of music
Not mutual friends
It’s deeper than hobbies
Or politics
Or family
It’s how we need

I know when I see you again
There will be deep breathing
Because of this knowing
We want desperately to be superfriends
But we are likely
To end up staring with intent
Because to souls like ours
The aching is transparent

There is so much comfort in the seeing
I’d dare to call it honesty
But could you?
Could you look at me on fire and tell me
Despite what hands mouth and body want to do
That you’re better off a wonder twin?

My ice canine, I cannot have it any other way
Death by the greatest lust
Or the semi-tortured game of confidants for life
Truth we share will bond our hearts and minds

When I’m furious and rage-twisted
You have the nerve to laugh at me
When I’m wretched and spoiled
The place for my impertinence is over your knee

When I want to explode in pain
You find excitement
Who could ever face down this kind of intensity
This awesome beast, dominant yet broken
What a friend
What a friend indeed

*best fucking friends forever


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