We monsters

I came to these woods
Not expecting to find you
Feral snarling in a cave
My teeth bared always, being the same

Stalked eachother
That’s for survival
No bloodshed this night
Only scarred bones with damaged hindsight

I will sit down in the earth
Bow my head, open my heart
You approach to inspect
My lonely fingers outstretched

Breathe me, creature
Come gently and sit here
We’re two from the unkind
Bound by rage we can’t mask and hide

I pull barbed brambles from your fur
You lick wounds I forced myself to endure
Solace and rest, help eachother to mend
Outcasts, accursed, maybe lovers, surely friends

The hordes will come again
We’ll have to kill and blood will reign
You’ll return to the hunt and your dark hidden lair
And I to the crowds and the stench of despair

But in this moment we can soften, just be seen
Though a moment it is full and it is real
We may not have much time
So won’t you walk with me awhile?


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