Apocalyptic love

The world burns
Her dress is torn
Tatters of a dying world
She is shattered
All life destroyed

She is floating
Not undead
Not a ghost yet
Mightily supported
Dirty hands

A hulking silhouette emerging
Through smoke and fire
She is carried
Barely alive
But safe in his arms

Some kind of rescue
Charred, bleeding
Carbon frosted
But muscled and strong
No hero just her one

He found her weak
He found her alone
He had nothing left
This giant wandering soul
They would have to start again

Scratches and wounds
He lays her down
Touches her face
Fixes the shreds of her dress
She awakens to those  hands

Tear-stained recognition
Burning flesh
They hold eachother
Their kisses soothe this
Hell on earth


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