One of your subjects

You wanna know about my agony
You wanna know what I’m feeling from where you are
But you won’t touch it
What we made
What is ours

Stay safe there on that river in Egypt
King in the tower
Lord over your dominion

I can’t blame you
I bowed my head
I laid out offerings
Prayed for a vision
And oh are you

And now
I sit here in the temple
Ashes and Embers
whispers and phantoms
I chase them around the room

Trying to start a fire
Tempt the pharoah
Offer predictions
A savage oracle
For a false god

This future I see
Is filled with haunting
Without you
Would you sanction torment?
No salvation?
Let me go?
Never tasting
My divine pain
With the mouth that made these echoes

But you wanna know
Sooner or later you’ll venture out
You’ll come
To see yourself
Vanity is glorious
Who would know this better?

Young sage, own it
What we are
What is ours


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