Tha mi gad iondrainn

Every thorny scar
A soft thistle bound in an ancient scarf
My braveheart

You were mine
Before the leash
When I am wild
I miss your growls
The gnashing of your teeth
When I am starving
I want your fingers in my mouth
You’re the only one who can feed me
From your soul
And your head
And the fire pit
That is your gender flesh
Owned now
I don’t care
Savages don’t understand peace
My armor always on
Ready to battle
Lust just a spoil of war…

But I walked alongside you in the fields
Scorched earth we both knew
Since childhood
You were savage once
Now you have marks from your padded cuffs
Maybe you struggle
I walk freely
But I am indentured
Slave to that cadence
The feel of your hand in mine

They will stretch me until I let go
Until my philistine rage becomes sweet and utterly docile
But I remember the thorny scars
The flowers
The fires
Searing pain of knowing another so deeply
Your eyes
I will hold this
Until I die


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