An invitation

He was achy and sore from feelings trying to surface
He wanted them out
He wanted them vanished
It was easy to pull back into the opaque film of himself
Easy to hide with a smile
And his hands on a body
Disappear into the random
The fleshy encounter
Meaningless flattery

But he sent a good morning
To a familiar
For some kindness
For connection
No big commitment
Just a little escape hatch
More like an open door
He knew he could walk through

She was no savior
She was another hide and seek sinner
More seeking than sinning these days
Finding him had made her walk a line
She had to walk it
No choosing sides
She could not remember
What life was like without it
It was the most like living
She imagined

She sensed his hesitant psyche
Maybe looking for an answer
A prayer
A fire
Cagey and pacing with quiet
For permission
Or condemnation
She could only stand there with her arms open
She said to him in the language they both spoke so fluently:
“Save this energy.
Save it.
Hold it.
I want it for me. ”

It was her song to sing
This lyric
Written for him
In the moment
When desperation and rage
will carry a soul so far away
If he could hear this melody
Stay and listen
Sing it back to her
The pain now a harmony
Not the solo spoken
In a cage
Behind a screen
But an allegory
For two
Grounded birds of prey
That could feel air
On tender wings


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