Something happened

Underneath the waistband of my soft cotton yoga pants and between my thighs warm and open
My hand found heat
Simmering all day
From the likes of your voice
Your cosmic catastrophicness
I shield myself most often
In deference
But today your power was
Too great
For meager gestures

All you say is
“I would like that”
And moments ago
I was on my ceiling
Trying to connect to the thunder in my ears
And so many tears
And some sensation
Not orgasmic
But beyond
Was underway
I was not coming
I was going
Somewhere deeper
Inside myself
With my whole aching
Stars and fire
Time frozen
Because this feeing
Was new
Coming without coming
The mere mention
Of your lion’s name
Run this way
Hearts pound
With every surefooted leap
Into space
Crashing into their mates
On to their prey

I stared up blind
And wet
And the sky seemed right above me
I have been hunting for you
Since time began
And you are the prize and the hunt all in one
What I love
Is in your hunger
Who is as hungry as this tiger
Who would make a feast of me
From the starving depths of my
Sick savage soul
I feed on anything
You lay before me
Fire eater
We are ancient
We are what others wish
Never to be known
Until your jaws are wide
Until I lay down my arms
Spread myself so I can see you
I know
I know
I know

No one will ever take from me this way
Because I will never find another
diamond-eyed demon
Like you
My gem
You have possessed me


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