Between 2 and 3: Make wishes

I couldn’t help it
I had to stay up late
Thinking about kissing
Thinking about how many ways
I’d have watched your tongue enter my mouth
And the taste

The quickness
The give-in
Just say so
Or don’t say

You can’t
When you’re only
This figment
Of tongues and smiles
Words just ones
And zeros
I can touch

But I lie here
Because it was my idea
To stay up late
That precious night
Could heal me
With dreams or quiet
I just want you
What we never did
What I want now
Was inside me
All along
Just waiting
To stay up all night
But with your tongue
And mine
Not mine only
Telling me
It’s too late
Now wake up


One thought on “Between 2 and 3: Make wishes

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