A midnight fable

I want you to be voracious
You take over
If I snarl and bare my teeth at you
Legs clenching
Bark right back
It’s only everything
I don’t even know your name

Don’t be polite
Once I’ve let you in
I’m the one in sheep’s clothing
Don’t be afraid to bite
Let me hear you say it
“Let me in”
Open me

Once you’ve fed
Pretty fiend
I’ll show you the door
You were already walking
I was mildly infatuated
Won’t even try to hide it

Don’t forget to smile
Thank me for the unwind
Tell me a little white lie, darling
You can’t wait until you’re chewing my hide again

I just want to be the candy you keep in your pocket
What you take out when you need something sweet in your mouth
I never run out of sugar
Not quite a jawbreaker
But everlasting all the same

Did I just say that?
I meant I need you more than
We’re such well-behaved players
I wouldn’t want to ruin this impulsive conclusion
By taking our time


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