Ode To Easy

I don’t care what you’re hungry for
When you kiss me I feel like a movie star
I’ve got everything
I’ll take some more
From the look in your eyes
You’re on fire
I so love fire

You don’t know
But I do
I can see it when your eyes close
When they open
When you breathe
When you open your mouth
To speak in tongues
It’s all mine
Right now
You’re mine

You can’t describe this feeling
Allow me
It’s touching clouds and disappearing
It’s the first big breath you take on surfacing
It’s all your insides rearranging
It’s being right; the knowing
It’s a rhythm and guitar solo that sends you swaying
It’s like being spiritual or something

That’s a start baby

You’ve got a simple way about you
I don’t wanna muddy with my hypothesizing
Just what it is that makes you make me tick so loud
Let’s get to kissing
Let’s kick the bullshit out

I’ll forget about being mad anyway
I’d forget your name
If I didn’t need to say it over and over again
I can’t wait to remember when we play pretend

Now let’s finish what we started.


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