The lightning strike
And then the darkness
Thundering in my ears
My biology naturally reacting to electrical discharges
I absorb what I can
I try to respond in kind
Throw a bolt of my own out into space
“I’M HERE!!”
I’d scream it if I could direct the sound into the shooter’s ears
With precision and affection and desire and the persistent aching


More of the same

I will regret having volleyed
Lighting doesn’t make a return trip
It just strikes
And vanishes
Leaving the scorching remains

My attempt so feeble
Not worthy of probability’s repeating favor
Or so misdirected as to have lost the target altogether
Now a floating message, reaching no one
My veins growing cold from dying sparks

I’ll wait for another cloudburst
Stand on a roof with an umbrella up
I’ll wait all day until the sun is gone and the moon rises and sets
I’ll wait until I’m soaked to the bone and shaking

I need the rumbling, crackling heat
I need the storm in him
I need his unpredictable path
His rhythmic, chaotic downpours
Voltage inhuman
I watched, in awe, compelled to touch, to grab and hold on

But I can’t control lightning any more than the aching
If only he would light up my skies again
Burn me good this time


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