Ghost Town

I remember cherry soda
My hands were shaking
Exposed brick so quaint and modern
The presence of all things possible
In a small town
In the middle

I remember the girl behind the counter
But nothing that she said
Or anyone else for that matter
But a lone text message
A wry smile
Crisp air outside
Holding hands with a stranger
Awkward cobblestone
Bare storefronts
Melting inside from the questions
Over barely eaten bar food

Words and deeds passed
So little time
Staring out a 5th floor window at a parking garage
Raw feeling
Perfectly naked
Two strangers
Sharing ghosts
One tormented
One possessed
Both holding on…

Sunlight always feels good in the morning
In white sheets
In the company of like minds
I remember missing big town breakfast
Offers of seat sharing
A smiling mask to hide the compulsion to flee
Strangers parting
The stranger who made me
The stranger who wasn’t any stranger than me
Just more haunted


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