March 2008

Call of the Wild
Darwin looked down
and he smiled
’cause there I was beneath you and
from your shape and your size
I saw our ancestors
I saw the missing link
I felt it boiling in my blood
The bulk and sinew
of your arms and shoulders and chest
literally aping over me
hovering like a beast in the jungle
over his catch
Claiming it
protecting his prize

I was yours from the very first grunt
The first time the blue from beneath that Neanderthal brow pierced me through
I knew
I was lost to some other time
Some pre-rational
Pre-human state
And I was meat
I was mate
I was beneath you on every chain imaginable

And I’ve never needed anything so simple
So much

I live to see the veins rise in your skin
To feel your cool breath
Smell the musk that marks me

I can’t wait to walk around after you’ve taken me
Reeking of you like a half-worn pelt
Briefly released from its master’s grip only to be reclaimed as play fodder and then used for comfort and pleasure at will

Sit at my desk and recall the sounds you make
when we’re in our cave
If you stop by while I’m lost right in front of you
You’ll know I need shelter soon
Ready to be dragged
Only a few arm’s lengths away when you need to

Our primitive dances
unseen by the village
Make the instinctive pull that much stronger
We are good-looking samples of the species
Adapting to keep an ancient secret
Brains nowhere near developed
But your lusty aggression is as close to evolutionary progress
as it gets


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