I might have a secret
I might have a roundabout
Ugly little rendezvous
A place called The Raven
Full of uninhabitable rooms
No Poe would ever dare to call his home

My telltale
Is it a date?
Il est de dire l’indicible
Pardon my sad attempt en Français
But my behavior is better suited for a Truffaut script
400 Names

I might give this one a glimmer
I might show him the vulnerable
He’s merely a dark mirror
I won’t see him
Hiding eyes behind my hands in my seat
I can’t look
To let him touch me

But that is reward and repudiation
Warm wet heat
In the cold dry ice of me
Oh it’s a guilty song
I’ll sing to him so softly
He’ll let me in close
Mistaking corruption for charm
Temptation for temperance
I’ll disappoint you know
I have only one position I wish to hold

The cameo
The mysterious lady who walks across the stage
And exits stage left
Who was she?
Surely not some Tennessee Williams refugee
In lingerie with a cigarette
But she sure made some noise or something
Maybe make a head spin

His head is a hard old block of war trauma and personal failure
No need to try entering that realm
Just massage the surface
I do that well
Make him feel all deep and liquid
When I tell him what he’s doing is so…
I’ll get what his body does against mine
Good kisser
Like in the movies
I’d watch us
That’s my relief
That’s my good night story
Maybe tonight

This evening I might make a secret
Share it
Steal it back
Bury it
The details never more to see the light of saying
I might have to practice keeping my lips sealed
I might


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