C’mon an’ crawl out of that hole
C’mon an’ show us what yer made of
You gonna do it like you always do?
Act like you can see me and I can’t see you?
Well that’s a funny trick but it don’t work
My eyes can see all the blood and the dirt
An’ I’ve seen your like before, cause I was here first

C’mon an’ try to get up on yer feet
C’mon an’ tread lightly to me
Well look at you on your eggshells there
My feet have broken more than you’ll ever dare
I’ve had more partners at this than you my dear

So c’mon an’ speak to me with all those feathers comin’ out
See if you can say something I’ll believe this time around
‘Cause I’ve had my share of cock in my mouth
And that bird you got there makes the very same sound.


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