Act of valor

For once in your lives
Put the gloves on
Pick up the guns and hit the mattresses
This is high stakes
This is the showdown
Choose your weapons

If you believe in this cause worth fighting for
Then stare down the devils
Power through the phony angel hordes
Stand up to your own inferiorities and take up the gauntlet
Find out if you’re a prince or a warrior

Enough of all the postures and telepathies
Get in the mud
These trenches are real
If you want to conquer you have to get dirty
The ones who don’t falter
Are the ones whose souls are clean

Fight for me
Take one on the chin
Take two for all it’s worth
Love isn’t cards or croquet or a chess match my friends
It’s a battle, heart-to-heart combat, the war of the worlds
The end and the beginning

If you turn away in self-realized defeat
Take your place among the cowards and the broken
Failed pretenders turned to stone
I haven’t the patience to suffer fools with forked tongues
My body, heart, hand and mind are bounty meant only for champions
I give myself to those who treasure with honor what they gain in victory


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